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Year 26, #2 – February 28, 2019 (Newsletter PDF)

CRM’s new name is NOVO, or “To Make New”   ̶   Link:

Paul’s new email address is:   ̶   Julie’s remains the same:


Julie’s health update. Listening to this song by Michael Card, I am moved to praise as I write to you.


Holy, Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord.


I continue to get stronger and stronger on a weekly basis. The way this is best exemplified was by our trip to California on February 15th to attend a colleague’s father’s funeral. As I had an all morning commitment Paul flew out to Los Angeles at 7AM while my flight left at 5:30PM. This was a big deal. For the past two years we have flown together, boarding early as I was weakened while undergoing chemotherapy plus my wearing a mask for protection against germs. We extended this trip to visit family and friends, a very precious time with many miles driven on Southern California’s freeways. No, I did NOT drive our rental car as I’m not yet strong enough for that kind of stress! Besides, my husband is an excellent driver. Paul flew home two days before I so I utilized Uber to get to the airport. How grateful I am as our Lord Jesus continues to restore me. It’s truly humbling.

As we have initiated our focus on 5 Principles for 8 Leaders for the next generation, two passages remain central to us:


Build up, build up, prepare the road!

Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.”       Isaiah 57:14

Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins
    and will raise up the age-old foundations;
you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls,
    Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.    
Isaiah 58:12


Solomon, school administrator and one of the “8” in Kamod Village.

As our new season moves forward, coaching Emerging Equippers by phone and SKYPE is again a major part of my work (Paul) when home.  Today, that activity crossed over into our new 5 Principles for 8 Young Leaders process for the first time!  Solomon (left) and Benjamin were two of the eight young men in whom Sam Abuku and I invested in mid-January.   Solomon and I had our first coaching call as a part of accountable follow-up. I cannot describe to you the joy of coaching someone motivated to challenge his generation, with Benjamin and the other six, in their Serere District of Uganda and beyond.


Our first “8” – 1st row:  Benjamin, Charles, Emmanuel, and Emma; 2nd row:  Emmanuel, Solomon, Sam, and Peter.  Sam Abuku will be following up with the other seven since these are his guys and they all live in and around Serere District.  We are following up on their understanding and applications of the first four Body Life Gardening Principles we learned together (1) Basic Discipleship, 2) Breaking Personal and Cultural Strongholds, 3) What has God placed IN you? and 4) Who has God Placed AROUND You?)  These organic principles give insight to removing weeds that culture brings which steal the gospel (Romans 12:2) and also give opportunity for the Spirit to bring vibrant growth.  Solomon and I discussed these principles, and he will bring application points to our call in April.  PRAY also for Sam also as he coaches his seven. We are preparing, with John Blake and Greg Langman, the second module Sam will lead in May/June.  John and I meet March 7-10 in Portland to begin that prep.





My favorite quote in recent memory (Paul)

Pentecostal Assemblies Bishop Alex Ojera, Kampala District


It was a great joy seeing you again and a pleasant surprise seeing you in Soroti "of all places." You looked so native and at home save for your skin colour.









First Fruits as tithe in the Kamod PAG Church.  In the village of Kamod, 2 kilometers from where we trained the young leaders, Sam was invited to preach and I was asked to “bring greetings” (read: preach again!).  It was a great experience to be a part of moving praise and worship under this thatched roof building (outside shown above, inside shown in photo at right).  One other part of the worship was people bringing their tithes and offerings.  In such a village setting, some people give the biblical “first fruits” as in the Old Testament. That day, several brought gifts from their fresh crop of maize, and I was the recepient of it after church.  The best corn on the cob ever!







A New Cultural Insight

I have often wondered why there are so many brick homes that are at some degree of being built all over Uganda.  I learned why this time.  In this male-dominated society, one the major ways a young man shows maturity is to buy a plot of land and then slowly build a brick house as he can afford the bricks.  This shows that he can handle resonsibility and would be a good husband and father.  Sometimes the home is not finished until years into a marriage because of the cost of bricks.  The PROCESS reveals the character of the man!  While Sam Abuku has already modeled such character earlier in life, in this season he has trusted God to provide for building a pastors’ training/retreat center.  Five years ago, Julie took this photo of Sam and Toto as it took shape on their village plot of land near Kamod village.   While the “retreat center” is not fully completed, Sam and I trained the 5 Principles for 8 Leaders with our eight younger brothers, its first training!  Sam and Toto have a bedroom, as this will be their home in the village(on land their family has owned for generations).  But its larger purpose will be as a place of hospitality and refuge for many Christian leaders with three rooms of bunk beds and a place for training – all with Ugandan village hospitality and Papa and Toto (Mama) Abuku hosting.  It is still all about the relationships!  Sam said that there will be mesh screens on the windows (protecting from malaria mosquitos) and also running water by late fall, knowing that Julie is likely coming with me in November!

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