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Moving from I to WE: Recovering the Biblical Vision for Stewarding

This book unpacks God's design for Unity in the Body of Christ

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Read the preface for I to We: Moving From I to We: Body Life Leadership and Teams


Paul discusses the importance of "I to We" in the video below:


Knocking Over the Leadership Ladder

“In the West, we have often made leadership into a person. Leadership is not a person, but rather a series of functions fulfilled by a group of people. A leader is still needed, because God wants each one of us to learn how to follow Him by practicing submission with leaders whom He places over us. But the tasks of leadership are to be shared by a group of people.”  —Paul Ford


“This book is a recall notice for all of us who learned a flawed leadership model. Paul Ford has a unique ability to take lessons learned through God’s work in other cultures of the world and hold them up as mirrors of conviction, exhortation and encouragement. Knocking Over the Leadership Ladder is a fresh new way of looking at leadership, discipleship and teams.”  —Brad Smith, President, Bakke Graduate University


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God is Powerful in You

The six lessons in the latest release for the Community Life series will help your small group members and leaders learn their spiritual gifts and begin to use them in safe environment. Using a unique method to discover one’s spiritual gifts, Paul guides the participants into a biblically based understanding that spiritual gifts are for building up the body and increasing the kingdom of God.


Through the weeks of this guide, Paul Ford shows that spiritual gifts are where God uses one powerfully, not where he or she is comfortable which is far different from taking an inventory to see where one might want to serve God.



God designed us with strengths, weaknesses and needs. Our responsibility is to

steward the Gifts and relationships God has given us in the Body of Christ.


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